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Songs In The Night
Songs In The Night
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Artist Karen Davis
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Karen Davis is one of the most recognizable women in Messianic worship. From her work on the ground-breaking Adonai and Elohim projects to her latest album Songs in the Night, she has set a standard for passionate worship rooted in the rich sounds of the Holy Land.

Songs in the Night is a gift of encouragement. Birthed on Mount Carmel, Israel from the tensions and turmoil surrounding this embattled nation, 14 songs of victory, hope and comfort—in both Hebrew and English—inspire and empower listeners of every nation, even in the midst of the world's end-time battles. God promises every believer that when we enter into our night seasons, His song will always be with us (Psalm 42:8). Based on Isaiah 30:29-32, Songs in the Night expresses the ultimate triumph of the Lord Yeshua who will “cause His glorious voice to be heard” as He fulfills His purposes for Israel and the nations.

Karen Davis is the Worship Leader of Kehilat HaCarmel, a Messianic congregation located atop Mount Carmel in the Galilee region of Israel.


  1. Al Tiru (Fear Not)
  2. Hariu L'Adonai
  3. Yeshua Malkeinu
  4. Be Exalted
  5. You Restoreth My Soul
  6. Who Am I
  7. You Only Are My Rock
  8. Adoneinu Moshienu
  9. No Eye Has Seen
  10. Hodu L'Adonai
  11. Your Mercy
  12. Elohei HaTikva
  13. Kovei Adonai
  14. We've Come Together

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