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Shofar The Sound Of Covenant English Book
Shofar The Sound Of Covenant English Book
Weight 180.00 g
Author Aw Kum Pui
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“Its Biblical insight in this indispensable landmark handbook on shofar blowing and its significance is a must-read for all upcoming and potential blowers. Kum Pui has done the worldwide church a favour by enlightening us on the art, symbol and notes of the shofar. He has done our homework for us as he has researched and documented the most pertinent information relating to the shofar and the sound of its covenant that brings down the presence of God as experienced in 2 Chronicles 5:12-14. This is not only a fact-filled book, but it is also a page-turner. It is a valuable tool for the ministry of worship. God bless the readers of this book.” - Rev. Collin Gordon, Trinity Community Centre, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia


Book Contents

  • Preface
  • What is the Shofar?
  • The Sound of Covenant
  • The Sound of His Presence
  • The Sound of Repentance and Awakening
  • The Feast of Trumpets
  • The End Time Trumpets
  • The Long Blast of Yobel
  • The Use of the Shofar and the Silver Trumpet
  • The Corporate Sounding of the Shofars
  • How to blow the Shofar
  • Shofar Maintenance
  • Scripture Verses
  • Bibliography
100 pages

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